Increasing uncertainty in order to innovate

Gudela Grote and Nadine Bienefeld talk about the impact of the uncertainty factor on people's potential in the new podcast episode.
Gudela Grote and Nadine Bienefeld. (ETH Zurich)

"Uncertainty is something that makes people uncomfortable. At the same time, it is the only chance for learning", Nadine Bienefeld says. She is the Senior Researcher & Lecturer at the Department of Management, Technology, and Economics at the ETH. Nadine works in the team of Professor Gudela Grote, who is particularly interested in unlocking people's potential by increasing Uncertainty. At the same time, she points out: "Uncertainty is hard for people right now. And it is also a question of what resources you have to deal with the uncertainty".

In the ETH Podcast, both Scientists tell us about their research and talk about how important it is to speak up in teams in stressful working environments.