Discover how landscapes sound

The creaking of the shimmering Morteratsch Glacier, the rumbling of ash-coloured dams and the steady sloshing of water in grey-blue Zurich reservoirs... In the “Serendipity” seminar series of Chair of Landscape Architecture Christophe Girot, researchers and students leave the seminar room to explore how places sound and how they can be explored by ear. They do this using no more than a microphone and an analogue camera.
Ludwig Berger, research assistant at ETH Zurich. (Image: ETH Zurich)

In this ETH Podcast, research assistant Ludwig Berger talks about adopting the sonic approach to landscape architecture, capturing sounds with students, and recording a selection on records. Ludwig also talks about the new publication entitled “Bodies of Water - A Swiss Landscape Trilogy”, a collection from collective sonic and photographic research spanning the years 2015–2021.