Cybathlon 2020 - united in virtual space

The current episode of the ETH Podcast is dedicated to the Cybathlon, a competition for people with physical disabilities. We have spoken with two project contributors.
ETH-Podcast Episode 22 with Professor Riener (right) and Joachim Schoss, President of Myhandycap. ©ETH Zurich

Sometimes it only takes a few seconds to separate life into a before and an after. Joachim Schoss talks about such a moment when he had a horrible motorcycle accident. He lost his arm and shoulder as well as a part of his leg 18 years ago. Joachim is the president of Myhandycap, a Foundation for people with disabilities and chronic illnesses, and he is also an ambassador of the Cybathlon. ETH-Robotics Professor Robert Riener joins the Cybathlon-Episode of the ETH-Podcast and talks about how he came up with the idea of a competition for people with physical disabilities and how the competition fuels scientific progress.

Join us live at the Cybathlon 2020 Global Edition

On 13 and 14 November, the Cybathlon 2020 Global Edition will be broadcast on the new Cybathlon website. In this one-​of-a-kind championship initiated by ETH, individuals with disabilities compete using the latest assistance technologies. Over 50 teams from around the world will be taking part in the qualifying rounds.