ETH podcast series on the topic of uncertainty

The new episode of the ETH Podcast marks the beginning of a series on the topic of uncertainty. The presidents of the students' umbrella organization and the rector report on how they are dealing with the pandemic.
New episode of the ETH-Podcast. (© ETH Zurich)

This past year has been strange and strenuous. Patience and endurance are what all of us need on many levels. The Corona-Virus-Pandemic not only changed the way we interact, work, and study, it also brought out Uncertainty in many aspects.

In the December Episode of the ETH-Podcast, we talk to Tierry Hörmann, the old, and Luca Dahle the new president of VSETH, the umbrella organisation of all students, and how they reach out to fellow students. ETH-Rector Sarah Springman joins the talk and compares this phase with competing in a triathlon without the finishing line in sight. All three guests also talk about the few positive aspects of the crisis.

This year's end episode marks the beginning of a Podcast-series touching on the topic of Uncertainty. In our next episodes, we will talk to scientists and students about Uncertainty regarding the field of Climate as well as Cyber Security.