Nominations of EPFL professors

The Board of the Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology has announced the appointment of five professors at EPFL.

Professor Hatice Altug was named as Full Professor of Bioengineering in the School of Engineering (STI)
Hatice Altug’s research focuses on applied nano-optics in the field of biology and life sciences. Among other innovations, she has developed a method of detecting mid-infrared rays and molecular fingerprints without the need for spectrometry. She now aims to develop new nanophotonic biosensors using revolutionary techniques in the areas of biosensor technology, spectroscopy and bioimaging. Hatice Altug has received several awards, including an ERC Consolidator Grant and an ERC Proof of Concept Grant, and is regarded as a pioneer in her field.

Dr Giuseppe Carleo was named as Tenure Track Assistant Professor of Physics in the School of Basic Sciences (SB)
Giuseppe Carleo is a young researcher who has already gained international recognition in the field of many-body quantum systems. Among other achievements, he has developed a machine learning software programme which not only helps computers “learn” the quantum state of a complex physical system based on experimental observations but also enables them to predict the results of hypothetical measurements. His pioneering achievements in this promising field have already had a significant scientific impact.

Dr Marius Lemm was named as Tenure Track Assistant Professor of Mathematics in the School of Basic Sciences (SB)
Marius Lemm’s work focuses on problems of mathematical physics originating in quantum physics and quantum information. At just 31 years of age, Marius Lemm has already proved himself to be an outstanding mathematician whose work to date combines several mathematical areas, including operator theory, random matrices and partial differential equations. At EPFL he will set up a research group in the area of mathematical analysis and mathematical physics, further strengthening the links between mathematics and physics.

Dr Mats Stensrud was named as Tenure Track Assistant Professor of Statistics in the School of Basic Sciences (SB)
Mats Stensrud’s unusual career path (Master in applied statistics, Doctorate in Neuroscience, Doctor of Medicine and post-doctorate in Biostatistics) enables him to combine all these fields very creatively. He is currently conducting research in the area of biostatistics and causal inference with the aim of discovering whether a specific treatment can have a causal effect on the risk of a disease in the presence of competing risks. Mats Stensrud will further strengthen statistics at EPFL while building links with the School of Life Sciences and with Biomedical establishments in the greater area.

Professor Jean-Philippe Thiran was named as Full Professor of Signal Processing in the School of Engineering (STI)
Jean-Philippe Thiran’s research focuses on computational image analysis for medical imaging, with special reference to the diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases and neurological disorders. He has also contributed significantly to the field of computer vision. His original research and pioneering achievements have gained international recognition in this highly competitive field. His dedication to educational activities is also exemplary, as a teacher, supervisor and section director. Concurrently, Jean-Philippe Thiran is an Associate Professor at Lausanne University Hospital (CHUV) and the University of Lausanne.